Virtual CMO

For small and medium sized business, often times the business owner or director takes on the inadvertent role of head marketer knowing full well that marketing is essential to operations but using their time and resources to focus on a skillset that isn’t their forte. Ultimately, it ends up taking productivity away from where it should be spent – running the business. And with the average salary of a CMO at $173,700, it’s an unreasonable expense for most business owners. That’s where a Virtual CMO comes in: Have the experience and leadership of a senior marketer at a fraction of the cost.

As your Virtual CMO, Ripp Marketing will assign the partner best suited to your brand as the lead marketer, and all strategic work will be done in consultation with both partners, giving your brand the benefit of two experienced executive marketing minds. 

The Virtual CMO engagement is executed over the course of a series of 3 phases: discover, strategy, and implementation. It is a proprietary process for strategic marketing planning created by Ripp Marketing founders, Shannon and Aaron. The Virtual CMO program is built on two decades of learning, building, and executing marketing strategies across start-ups, big brands, agencies, and with MBA-level marketing training. As all brands are different, there is no cookie cutter collection of documents you’ll be left with afterwards. No 30 page document filled with jargon. Our approach leaves you with the foundation, knowledge and guidance for marketing that delivers results for your business.

Our process

The Virtual CMO engagement follows a three phase process to provide small and medium sized business with big-brand quality marketing strategy. Starting with a thorough Discovery, we’ll dive deep into your brand and market to uncover the foundation needed to build a solid strategy. The Strategy phase is where we will clearly define your objectives, and marketing channels, messaging, and audiences to achieve them. Finally, Implementation is where we deploy your strategy and tactics using your internal teams and/or our network of marketing specialists.

Very simply, it looks like this:


  • Extensive review of all areas of the brand and business
  • Diagnosis of areas of strategic opportunity
  • Tangible documentation of your brand, customer, and measurement


  • Analysis of Discovery to inform strategic direction
  • Marketing plan creation
  • Budget and resource proposal


  • Roll out strategy into channels best suited to your business and goals
  • Assist with resourcing needed to execute plan
  • Set up tracking needed to measure effectiveness and optimize

While this Virtual CMO is designed to be a 3-phase engagement, we offer services to manage your ongoing marketing and serve as a marketing advisor on an as needed basis. You can choose to scale up or scale down our involvement as needed at any time.

Virtual CMO engagements follow a consistent process, but are tailored to each partner’s needs. You may have various components of a marketing strategy already defined, or need more work in implementation rather than discovery. All of this is taken into consideration when we develop a proposal.

Let’s Ripp in.

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