Search Engine Optimization

Our approach to search engine optimization

SEO is so much more than keyword strategy. With just a bit of digging into search trends and behaviours, you can glean tremendous insights about your customers, your market, and your competitors. When we approach SEO, we do so holistically, looking into who your customers are first, where they’re searching, what they’re searching, the competitive landscape and when those searches fit into their customer journey.

  • Step 1: Evaluate your website. You can have the best SEO strategy in the world, but if your site is not technically optimized to be returned in search results, then your strategy will fail. Think of it like a house. Without the foundation, you can have the most spectacular home on the block, but it will never be livable without a strong foundation. At the start of an initial SEO Strategy, we’ll perform an audit that evaluates your security and accessibility, content, speed, cross-device optimization, link structures, and more to identify what areas to be improved in order to have a successful search strategy.
  • Step 2: Search engine & keyword research. We dive deep into all the possible ways your prospective clients are searching for your brand and/or offering and where. Are they searching Google? Amazon? Bing? We’ll find out.
  • Step 3: Determine intent and map out your buyer’s search journey. Once we have a list of initial keywords (and this will potentially be hundreds long) then we need to prioritize those by intent and where each phrase sits within the customer’s journey. Some high volume keywords you won’t want to have in your strategy, so it’s important to look into the intent of each key phrase to determine whether or not they should fit within your overarching strategy. For example, If you’re a top-tier law firm and discover that there are over 1,500 searches monthly for “cheap lawyers in Brisbane,” there’s great volume but it isn’t in line with your ideal customer profile, your values as a brand, and therefore not a part of your prospective customer’s search journey.
  • Step 4: SERP and competitor research. A step all too often forgotten in SEO strategy is looking at the Search Engine Result Pages to determine whether or not a keyword is “winnable” and if so, how long and what elements of content need to be present in order to rank. Let’s say you’re an emerging e-commerce skincare brand and want to rank for “Best Skincare Brands Australia.” Looking into the SERP, you’ll find you’re competing against some of the best lifestyle magazine websites out there and it will take eons to outrank them, if ever. If the SERP is un-winnable and too competitive, we’ll look to other alternative search phrases, paid media strategies, or link-building initiatives to develop a presence on the page.
  • Step 5: Develop a “Core” keyword strategy. Based on all of the above steps, we’ll create a core keyword strategy that identifies a list of keywords that are priority one for the business. In conjunction with this, we’ll have a secondary list of keywords that are lower priority and sort by volume, competition, and intent.
  • Step 6: Deploy a search strategy. We have our list, now we have to identify the tactics we’ll use to earn rankings and visibility. This might involve content creation, link building, collecting product reviews, generating Google Business reviews, the list is endless. There are hundreds of factors that searching engines look at in order to determine what results to list and in what order which means that SEO is not a one-size-fits-all effort. Once the foundation is set and the strategy developed, we’ll execute the necessary ongoing maintenance and proactive tactics in order to improve your visibility.

Our SEO Services

You might be well into a developed SEO strategy or just starting out. Either way, we can help by providing these services:

  • SEO Strategy
  • SEO Audit
  • SEO Reporting
  • Content creation

  • Google My Business setup and management
  • Keyword research
  • Link building
  • Website optimizations

What makes Ripp different

Beyond our unique approach to SEO Strategy, with Ripp, you’ll never wonder what we’re doing. All too often, business owners hand over their budgets to marketing agencies and end up chasing responses, updates, and transparency in what’s being delivered and how that’s helping achieve their goals. We know because we’ve been there (on both sides!).

We don’t believe in automated reports and keyword reporting for the sake of having a deliverable each month. With Ripp, you’ll understand the why, the how, and the progress we’re making. We send a weekly (custom) digest of what has been accomplished each week, what’s up for the next week, and how we’re tracking towards your goals. In addition, we use tools like AHREFs, Moz, Screaming Frog and more industry standard tools to track progress of your SEO strategy and build our own custom reporting to each client aggregating information and insights.

TLDR: We treat our customers the way we want to be treated as a client.