About Ripp

Before it was a marketing advisory, Ripp was an approach to life. It is a mindset to do what you’re passionate about, and to do it well.

The team at Ripp have ripped into everything that’s come their way, with accelerated marketing careers collectively spanning over 2 decades, in 5 cities, 4 countries, and not wasting a spare second enjoying life along the way.

Now, Co-founders Shannon and Aaron, are settled in Brisbane, enjoying life in Australia’s Sunshine State, as they deliver executive-quality marketing advisory services to partners in North America, Australia, Europe and beyond.

Let’s Ripp.

Meet the Ripps

Ripp was founded in 2020 by Shannon Maloney and Aaron Stubbings, senior marketers with over 20 years of collective experience.

Shannon comes from a strong digital marketing background, holding leadership roles at agencies and startups in New Zealand, USA and Canada, working with clients and teams throughout each country.

Aaron is the former VP of Marketing at one of the world’s largest travel companies, with a career taking him from Brisbane, to Vancouver and Toronto working with teams and partners across the world.

Aaron’s strong marketing strategy background paired with Shannon’s go-to-market digital strategy create a fully rounded set of marketing skills to partner with businesses on their growth. Our approach to work: Speed without the sacrifice of quality or strategy. This is the foundation on which Ripp Marketing was born.

Our experience

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many businesses globally including:

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